CEO of Tesla Confirmed to Launch the New Roadster in 2014

TeslaThe Model S saloon that was previewed earlier this month in Beta form, the upcoming performance version of the same model as well as the RAV-4 EV that it will be produced in cooperation with Toyota, are not the only plans Tesla CEO Elon Musk has in mind for the Silicon Valley-based brand.

The company is also working on an EV crossover based on the Model S while Musk recently told Autocar magazine that Telsa is also planning to launch a BMW 3-Series rival and an all-new Roadster in 2014.

Musk said that the second generation of the electric-powered sports car will no longer be based on the Lotus Elise, but on a “third-generation, more mass-market platform for cars like a 3-Series and the new Roadster.”

Tesla’s CEO remains upbeat about his company’s future, despite posting losses in 2010 and reportedly losing money on every Roadster sold: “Bob Lutz has said that the Roadster prompted GM to do the Chevrolet Volt”, he said. “We’re trying to change the industry.”

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